Friday, December 28, 2007


Melbourne aussie -part 1

well i wont go that detailed, cause im a lazy type of person
enjoy the pics guys!

singapore airlines- thumbs up for the service

*scroll down quick i look damn pale. hehe
jie, moi mum & dad after check it.
i dont like to sit aeroplane -.-
but i love camwhoringcutie pie

hotelSophia, it was not the best hotel nor 5 stars hotel.
it was just a 4 star hotel which quite near to the city
and and its real clean and comfortable

in the park ;)

almost everyday raining, and its really cold
i look like a patrick star. lol

searching for the complex

At night- Crown hotel

good view ;D

kangaroo meat anyone?

aww, we got a wonderful trip. thanks dad & mum

alright, it was my first time lo
im legal for casino and clubs and also striper club in melbourne.
-but not all of em la. blaa! i mean striper club

i was @.@ in the striper club which is the Gold Finger
the girls are really hot and the guys are really rich.
willing to spent hell loads of money to get *more* from the girls!''
aight, mum nagging i need to pack my stuffs!
to be continue..

off to setiawan@ pangkor

ta! miss me <3

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Anonymous said...

Baby, You look so beautiful, your pretty too! heh heh. Hmmm, sometimes i was wondering are you an angel blessed upon me by the Lord above =P. I love you.