Sunday, November 4, 2007

quick update

ive been real busy this week and same goes to next week.
urgh! stressed like shit, tired like shit. WHOAR.
but yet i still enjoyed.
there's still some cool ppl to work with.
SO its stilll OKAyyy..

oh well. just a quick update.
im just lazy and tired and dont feel like blogging.
and i just came back from the ca-li-for-nia.

cut the crap.

SATURDAY, Sunway University 20th Anniversary.

SEE, camwhoring is my life.
with ms yati.
with ms may. the belly dancer. gulp*
after the dinner, went over to Qbar.
then home!

SUNDAY. Sunway Lagoon.
the whole day. and as i said im TANNEd.

HAH! wth. laugh out loud.
the lecturers

Fishing Frenzy.
prabha, moi, yun da.


walau, im talking about last week. =.=
this is the real busy woman LAH.
GOD, not only the event itself wey.
There's assignment for other subjects as well.


anyway, class at 830 tmr till 430.


will update when im free.

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