Tuesday, October 30, 2007

maison and loft part 2

i am really a busy woman.
busy till 23rd of November.

sorry for not updating guys.
okay, first of all im tired.
and this is gonna be a photo post again.

and im tanned!
omg. red tomatoes on my face as well.
you know why..
after the event at lagoon, i went swimming.
and today we have a charity car wash at sunway college.

AND WTH! no sunblock on my face or body.
and tats whyyyyy. im tanned.
actually, i like the red tomatoes on my face.
but i dont want to get dark.
no need blusher maa.

lastly, tmr i need to wake up at 7.
ive class at 830 till 1230.
have to do the fundraising thingy at cafeteria tmr.
feel free to drop by and say hi to me when you see me. ;)



we smile!

Saturday night
Sunday morning.

off i go.more pics coming up.

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