Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Lying on the bed

Ahh, pictures was taken two months back in Sensation White in Amsterdam!! I kinda miss everything there, the weather, the awesome food from baby's uncle & aunt and also the madness sales( not really sales but due to the currency exchange euro has dropped to 4) meaning if you do convert on those designers stuffs in Euro is really M A D Cheap! Not forgetting my two longchamp bag is otw, Jois - baby's cousin will be here in Malaysia on the 12th of sept if I'm not mistaken!!! I canttt waiiiit to see her and also feeling so excited for her, the long waited holidays darling! if you're seeing this I MISS YOU BITCH! :)

Btw I was supposed to sleep 2 hours ago, but brother dragged me to watch The Back Up plan with him, it was pretty hilarious! *not one child but two* *laughs* you will totally get what I mean if you watch it :)

Blah both eyelid are pretty heavy now! Its time to sleep and ready for the catch up tmr noon with Isabelle Lee <3 x

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