Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Love cooking but hate washing

Helllo everybody, sorry for the lack of updates.

Too busy exploring around thou, I think im qute familiar with the places already.
so whoever who wants to come, i can bring you around. *laughs*
On the other hand, I am quite satisfied with my place/room.
Located at the heart of the city where is very very the convenient (:
is all about walking distance to reach the town, Chinatown, Open market, shopping malls etc etc

But is quite tiring to walk home after buying groceries, or etc etc. Cab here is super expensive, minumum 5 pounds zzz, i rather walk!! yarr i know, I start converting again, i will starve myself to death if i convert every single thing here. haha

Finallyyy, I am officially settled down in Birmingham, two weeks and one day away from home.
Being alone is never easy okeey, I have to coook for myself. but is ain't that bad lah, i love cooking just the washing part -___- eating out everyday is never cheap, so you just gotta cook!

#1 HAHA first week, where i am not familiar with the places and this is the best solution!
Maggie mee for 4 days straight if im not mistaken. LOL

#2 while waiting

#3 ta daa, damn delicious right

So when time goes by i sorta got familiar with the places, where to shop etc etc, and Ive decided to cook porridge with one of my housemate

# 4 vegeeeee


#6 ta daaa, porridge for two person :)

#7 and also Nat's Fried rice :)

As for today, Tom yum mihun soup for dinner


#9 Tom Yum Chicken

#10 fish balls and sausages

#11 delicious right? hehe all you need is just the Tom Yum paste

# 12 orgams to the maxxxx

Till then, hugs and kisses


Anonymous said...


Erny said...

There is a malaysian restaurant called Malaysian delights in City Center, somewhere near China Town, you can go try the food there. Not exactly the best. But, bearable.

Natalie saw hy said...

Haha I've been there before!it was okayy thou, ure studying here also? I've met you before? Hmm xoxo

Erny said...

lolx..I'm studying in Birmingham City University. And, no we have never met before. I have no idea how I stumbled upon your blog....but I have you link in mine for some time, even before you came here.

That's Ron said...

High five!!! i hate washing tooo.. love cooking n eat but