Monday, January 18, 2010

2010 ya'll

knock knock

Just a quick one, i know Ive been neglecting my blog.
i am just tooooo busssy, barely breath lol.

CNY is approaching, here comes the mama queen with her checklist.
Frankly speaking, i doubt there's another woman like her srsly. she can work from morning till night -__- and also yelling and shouting for us to help -__- and also have to be super cleannn!

#1 is just like above, move out all the furniture and start cleaning! T.T

#2 is damn tiring okaaayyy!
Washing is so fun, but moving all the furniture in and out is heeeellll!

cleaning the house is just taking up all my time.. i haven't start cleaning my room yet and haven't start packinnggg!! omfg -__- and i haven't start buying my winter clothing -__-

But at least, Ive got my visa approved! :) So much hassle I went through, due to the lost of SPM cert! luckily i have my 1119 cert on time.

Exactly 18 days left, and i have to start whacking all the malaysian foood!!

till then, and yeap cant wait for this sat, is Jie's Engagement day! :)


itch said...

wahhh.. din know really clean until all furniture were being removed. hehehe..

congrats to ur sis

Cai Jin said...

sigh so soon :(

simonso said...

wah ur living hall damn big!

Natalie saw hy said...

lei yoon. hhhhee kua chiong leh
cai- very soooon :(
simonso- :)

Anonymous said...

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