Monday, September 14, 2009

Nomad Sucasa

Nomad Sucasa @ Jalan Ampang. that's the place we celebrated our merdeka eve.
away from home with sufficient alcohol to make all of us down, haha!
it was so good browsing all the pictures again! hahaha you will get to see all of em in my facebook account thou :)

...... we're still okayyy

and heeeree we gooo...


i am just too lazyyy to upload all of the pictures again, faster go to my baby's blog *winks*
Anyhow i am just tooo tired to continue, i dont have the blogging mood for today! sigh

thanks to my mum, she's driving me craaazzyy! but i still love her. :/ god

Last week, was quite eventful thou, but shits happened..
where I was so desperate to leave the town the next day and not come back.
which is impossible!! what the fuck i shall keep that for myself! -___-

So last week was mainly spending time with Shirley Chong, continously 3 days straight. haha
the catch up and gossiping, updating each other about our personal life is so freaking good! :)

shirley and I

BY THE WAY, vote for her in I Want To be Model 3! she's in top 2 now, and definitely you can make it girl :) oh ya you can also watch all epidsode of i want to be model *here*

we all know your effort, and time that you've spent in the competition. and You know what we're impressed on your performance! I'm freaking proud of you srsly, all the best hun and fightooo! So excited for the finale woi Y

night world

p.s//: dont forget to vote for her guys.
Not forgetting, I will do another proper post on her again, stay tuned! hugs.

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