Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Bali @ Day 3

i was half way doing my law presentation for tmr, and desperately needed a break.
*click the save and minimize button* and then i saw my desktop is full of rubbish.
the edited pictures and assignments all is fully occupied my desktop space,
which look so messyy every freaking time i turn on my laptop. ew.

and now i would love to takes this opportunity to clear everything on my desktop, and finish my Bali post :) how cool is that!! hahhaha wtf.

so there you go...
our third day was at the beach, is was effing awesome.

we got our cool shades for only RM 13! hahahaha

before heading to the beach, we had babi guling@ is a must try food in Bali lo

each and everyone of us tried the paragliding, even me that scared of height
i was damn scared but the view was marvelous woi. no regrets going for it!

hahah i dont know why my parents called her chillie padi instead of xinny.
to hard to pronouce i guess. hahahahah!

then went back, dress up and headed off for dinner

Bali food was mainly super duper spicy , no joke. but we like it so much, hahaha

hahhaha we dont even know how to play, and we act like as if we're the pro! wtf

At the very last night we had our Moet.

i think im falling for Moet now, freaking damn addictive lor. :S
arghh, browsing tru all the pictures is so not healthy i freaking miss that place now :/

you know what? i need to get back to work already.

how sad.

but luckily i can see my babies tmr :) xoxo

*edited* there's one part of pics is missing, will upload soon! :)

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