Saturday, June 13, 2009

so much things to do before 25th of JUN!
i have to submit all my assignments before 25th man, im going to BALI yo :D

thats why i need to hardcore this weekends, i mean being a nerd and crack my brain to splurge all my words out for 3 huge assignment -__-

No pain no gain riiiiiiiiiiighhttt. aiyo!

Today was pretty tiring, i mean yesterday night.
Morning was gym Afternoon was with emily Night was with the cousins and siblings and also grandma AND now i am dead tired, freaking exhausted!

hahahha! damn sleeeepy now
anyway anyway gonna sleep now and then start kicking ass tmr mannn!!

Motivated and i know we can do it! We both condamnfirm can :)

she's flying to Langkawi on 23rd and im going Bali on 25th, and we have to finish all our assignment before we GO aannd PARTAY! SIGHHHHH!!

seriously no pain no gain, so much things to do but so little time!
every time also like dat -___-

wish me luck mann!