Sunday, May 31, 2009

my weekends

so the morning look with the uber thick lips
with no lip gloss or what not ok, hmph!

my working life for this week was much more better than last week
like ive mentioned before xinny the bitch was with me through out the three days

but to be honest is quite lifeless la
myhouse - get ready - drive to sg wang - work - break - work - go home
for freaking three days straight
was complaining in the car while we're on the way home on sat at about 11pm
damn saad!!! where people is heading to the club and partay -___-


anyway, some random pictures taken today in my room

wtf! i don't know you took this picture T.T woi.

and ta daaa, we're done :D
walao ey, i think im sick of doing make up d :/ no make up for me unless i am working yo.

Btw is monday tmr again. ohhhhh my gawwwwd!
class starts at 830am till 630pm *shakeshead kaokao* *damn kao hard*
*still shaking* -.-

and yay back to study mode again till Thursday!

Thursday Terminator Salvation!!! :)

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