Saturday, May 2, 2009

i dont have the mojo to blog, will blog tmr :)
and oh ya thats my new hair colour, more pics coming up.
mos*shakeshead* on thurs is superduper packed :S

stay tuned


so i am back again,
wtf right, i need to get a life!!! is sat night ladies and gentlemen, i should be partying and
dance till i drop before college resumes, perhaps more catch up with the friends but im
home, stuck at home i mean thinking what to do, cant concentrate on my essay, thought
of continuing my new moon can't concentrate either, so went down and watch tv but fall
asleep instead. then went to the bed thought of sleeping early and wake up early tmr be a
good girl accompany ma to market, but my eyes is wide open! damn. so decided to switch
on the laptop and start talking crap. wtf

oh shit is close to 12 a.m now, which mean tmr i need to get my ass to college, AS IN my
class starting tmr. omg omg omg. tell me about it!! :S

This is it, My Sem 7 which is my last semester

Moral Education. hell no
Hospitality and Tourism Law. hell NOOO
Human Resource Management. T.T
Economics for Hospitality & Tourism Industry. oh shit nooo
Tourism Research Methodology & Statistics. ... ?!!?!...
Exhibitions Operations. this is still ok -.-

Tell me about it lah, i can feel the workload. plus i haven't start writing my Supervised Work Experience essay which contains learning agreement and yada yada. is freaking 6 credit hours, tats for my semester 6!


i really don't know where to start, i couldn't find the mood, how to write? -.-

and guess what, ive received my time table! T.T
On monday my class starts 830am till 630pm





*i feeel like going to the gym nooooooooooooooooowwwww*

something is bothering me!

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