Wednesday, January 7, 2009

What the FUCK?!?!


counting down for another 10 mins, and i can actually step out from the office :D
sorry for not updating guys, im facing the com 24/7 lately till i want to vomit :S


lastly, i love my bitches!
especially you, YES YOU. wtf

i just wanna go h o m e, ciao


i shouldn't countdown this evening, reallly!
Right after I published my post right, one of the project manager called for a
quick briefing. and i gave -___- *this face because its already 6 pm!

Ah whatever it is, I still have to stay and listen
So yeah it was all about the upcoming event and we have to do the proposal and all.
*the team consists of 4 interns include me, I was appointed to be the team project
manager and i gave -___- *this face again because this time is different, im not in
the college you know, It is not those project that ive done before where you can
crap and put whatever you love in that proposal, you will somehow feel the
different compare to last time. the Anxiety the Pressure that you're in an event
company plus i am new to all this woi. Besides, this event is a Real event as in is
going to be real, dealing with clients, dealing with money, endless research to do and
not forgetting the outcome will affect my post evaluation,
BUT no matter what and how i am READY to take the challenge. :)

no no this is not the climax yet!
so right after the briefing all, hell yeah my mood its like *GO HOME woi.
THEN Shits happened ...

you know right, ive been telling you guys i sat in front of the pc doing all the
filing and stuffs, it was all good actually. As in is better than im doing nothing
in the office, so yeah was typing since morning, double confirmed with the boss(A)
whether i should save a soft copy anot, A Said no need so i thought maybe is private
and confidential, she go through the doc and said ok. Then okay la, continue doing,
printed out and all. Myfeeling was so great right after i finished!
It was reaaaallly goodd, you know satisfy?

Then when i was about to leave, theres this guy B came to me and say where's
the soft copy for the document? im like, dont have soft copy A say no need wert,
and B said HAR? theres some correction i need to do.

My mind was blank at that time, im like WTF i need to retype everything AGAIN?!?!
YEAH you're so RIGHT! i have to freaking retype everything tmr. HAHAHA :(
i did voice up to A and say "you say no need to save soft copy one" and you
know what she reply? " you're here to learn natalie "

THATS IT LAH, speechless already
I am here to freaking learn how to type and freaking learn how to not trust the
boss and freaking trust myself. *crap

IM not complaining seriously, im not telling the company suck or whatever!
Is just i really hate wasting my time doing things again and again AND is freaking
boring lah repeating everything again, you get what i mean?!?! OMG

okay okay im going to the climax
So as usual i will fetch Lee Tien( a classmate aka colleague of mine ) home! so i went
to her house for the LOO, AND AND i was bitten by her freaking dog! -___-
not really bite lah! but its painful, right under my ass summore,plus im wearing
skirt woi! can you like imagine? i think i should post the picture of the dog woi

WTF! urgh

enough of crapping srsly, sorry!
Really wanna crap all the shits out :S

P/s: What a day!