Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Whoarr

WARNING: This post is FULL of picturess! :D
im sure you'll like it Y
but you have to be a lil patient alright, it takes some time to loooad :S
or maybe you have to keep on refresh-ing the page, but trust me is worth it :D

First of all proudly present, Massive Worldwide 08 :)

1st pic : Thats Ashton Saw, my 2nd brother and Vivien, eldest bro's gf!
2nd pic: from left xinying and linda :)

ala, is XINYING and I. duh :p

US again :)

urrrrrm, i sweat like a bitch, i jump like a bitch, i dance like a bitch -__-


Mambo @Velvet with dearest Ryan and met up with YunDa!

shit is actually Velvet,Zouk!

1stpic: Thats Ryan Proxy :)
2nd pic: Thats YunDa, and hor someone is REALLY tipsy that night


Venue: Mardigras @ OneUtama

It was damn PACKED! omg -__-
was there with the cousins, sisters, beloved friends!

wait till you go tru all the pictures guys, you will love it! hehhehehhehehe

We have the same outfit, rings, bags! :D


urm in all the pics, i bet you guys roughly know who is who lah! im lazy :S

After all the hardcore-ing, we went steven corner, met up with the usual bunch! sorry for not joining you guys, next time yeah *winks

1st pic: CINDY darling
2nd: Titus Choong and the pretty winnie

1st: Thats keng sing and winnie, duh!
2nd: Kenneth, Rachel, Chunny and kepo Titus!


KO and 4 ish :)



well, we spent our lunch at Aunty Felicia's place.
All the aunties was there, the beloved cousin's tooo!
But only KAH YERN wasn't there :(

Kah Yern you know we miss you alot, hope to see you real soon aight!
MERRY MERRY MERRY CHRISTMAS to you honey,puh-lease take care of yourself :)


YEAAAAA- AHHH, candy :)

MERRY CHRISTMAS to ya'll again :)
Whats the plan for new year eve? hmphhhhhh

more to come later, i might blog tonight again. hehe
Stay tuned for Siang's Bday post :)

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