Monday, December 22, 2008

Currently listening to Beyonce- Single Ladies :)

annnnnnnnnnd im currently in the office.
the usual monday where all the bosses have meeting meaning i am dead bored!

and DAMN! i forgot to bring my camera -__-
IF not i can start uploading my pics in facebook, my blog yor! eekss
Anyway, sorry for neglecting my blog, ive been busy.
A very HAPPENING WEEK i have *smiles

Friday: Velvet@ Mambo - Awesome!!
Saturday: Massive Worldwide 08 - AWESOMEEE!!!!!
Sunday: At home for tongyun & dinner, spent precious time with the family and cousins - ANOTHER AWESOME one!!!!!!!

seeeee happening leh, no? lol

hmph you might be wondering hows working life so far?
errr, it was a OK so far! when there's event ill be busy, if NO i am like now, so damn boring
but so far so good lah. :)

As for this week, i cant wait for Christmas eve and Christmas! HO HO HO
i want pressie SANTA -__-

From left to right: ling, moi, mich, xinying, linda
i grabbed it from facebook :)

i cant blog when there's no pictures, i bet you readers dont like it too hor.
So Emirates annual dinner, velvet, massive pictures coming up next! hehe

stay tuned for more yo! Y

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