Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Study Week

On the Saturday, afternoon was at KL for AIDS Campaign Briefing, but too bad i can't be the volunteer cause i am so not free this saturday! i have cousin wedding dinner yo :/

But i had a great time with someone, looking for shoes! HAHAHA

At night was spent with the eldest sister and her friends at Redbox Sunway Pyramid!
awwwwwwww, and another awesome session with them :)
Singing at 8pm till 3am, plus we don't need to pay extra. *winks

I can tell you, I didn't stop lor! non stop singing lor. wtf

anyway pictures;

So, as you can see the title is STUDY STUDY STUDY for this week!
argh! My finals is on Monday till Wednesday!
Then i have 4 days FREE before i actually start my internship on monday!

Woot, looking forward thou :)

I think i better stop here, because i've promise myself that i MUST finish at least 6 chapters of Organizational Behavior today! Till then, loves. Y
p.s/: JEFFOO, ill try my BEST to come to your birthday celebration this friday aight. :)

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