Friday, August 1, 2008

revision week?

SERIOUSLY, don't mess with the zohan! ;O

yeah, watched already too. ;D
As you know, The movie only opens in cinemas on 21 August 2008. *i got the info from uncle josh's blog
So where i watch the movie from? DVD
yeah, they've dvd already, is damn clear ok, you should get one. ;/
besides, i think in cinema they'll cut some parts off, cause its kinda obscene lah. *in my opinion.This movie is damn hilarious, is a DAMN ON movie. you'll laugh like a MAD person, im serious! is a must watch show, ill rate it 8/10 ;)

wtf, what the hell am i doing.
REVISION whoii. -____-


2nd Unit 2nd Room said...

why watch DVD???????
WATCH it with us ma... you're damn bad....
come along for the movie screening ma...
you ah
still promoting piracy

Natalie saw hy said...

WHoi, i didt promote lah! -__-
sorry boss ;)
no one ajak me also, plus im not adverlets kaki leh, how to go and watch leh! you ajak me ah? i dont mind watching again thou