Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Roaring My Way to Nuffnang Wild ‘Live’ Blogging

I have less than an hour to the closing date for blog post submissions !

Greetings everyone,

oh well i wanna go for this event its because
1) I would like to experience everything in the event. Well you know im taking event management, and i have a Huge event to do next semester prolly i can get some contact and curi tips abit? ;p

2) Wanna go mingle around with bloggers, especially those famous one, you might not know me but i know you! ;p

3) Never been to Modesto's/Rain before, sad i know! so this is a great opportunity ;)

4) If got the chance i wanna bring home the Dell Laptop, PSP, everything. lol. but i dont think is possible because IF i got selected, i totally got no idea what to wear
;S fan sei..

but still want to go, will work things out!
see how desperate i am.
okok cut the crap!

in order to go we have to simply post a drawing or a picture of any animal.
SO i chose, Baby Hugo! *photoshop and illus skills abit

puh leassee..

he's definitely a good model wey!

i know is kinda lame la, i really dont know i meet the requirements of the blog post anot. hmph, whatever it is, selected or not its okay, at least i tried ;)


Invitation emails will be sent out by 12pm, 18th of June

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