Saturday, May 24, 2008

Hate me for the rest of your life!

been really busyyy!
the stupid outbound tour and marketing are driving me crazyy!
seriously can die. eeks
you imagine, i need to deal with the TA(travel agent) and the BELOVED lecturer of mine!
IF i have only one subject, seriously im ok with it!
but HEY i have F-ing 8 subjects this semester! god

look at my eye bag and panda eyes -_-

tats my stupid marketing textbook! *gulp

to release my stress i played poker at facebook!


tmr is lagoon for me with the lovely cousins of mine (:
to celebrate kar yern's bday in advance. her bday is on 31st!

she's leaving to russia very soon already ;(

bed time


Anonymous said...

great pic the one with the text book

Natalie saw hy said...

lol! haha thanks