Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Last Sunday-

in the morning was at srisentosa sports day at cheras with my brother, went and see their cheer-leading.
it was oo-kay, yellow house won ;)

then home
then cheryl pick me up and ate tau fu fa with them
(kengsing, jinghua,chinthiam,beckham)
after that home and then change to my car and we(cheryl and I) went down kl for pcfair.
it was dang jaaam, but we're so lucky ;)
once we entered the parking lot, straightaway we found a place!

thank god

and again pc fair its like OMG
we didt buy anything thou, cause one of my friend keep on telling me dont buy anything during pcfair wor. so yeah, went home around 7. cheryl and the guys went and eat zhu yuk fan and me myself had dinner with mua family.
then went home bath and off for movie with them again
bumped into weng and alll.

the movie was nim's island
it was okay, its funny actually ;D
after movie was Station One near asia cafe and HOME around 2.

p.s: thanks darling for making my day, love you forever!

The next day(monday) i worked for the whole day.

angeline, my boss ;)
yala, maybe i wear formal i look kinda old, no mature is the word!!!
sooner enough you will see all my pics with this smile below!



a better one

if i dont mind showing my teeth..
next week im gonna have my braces

alot of ppl said you no need to put braces la, for what?
Your teeth looks good in the pics.
aiyo picture mah!
Actually, is the bottom teeth or tooth whatever la giving me problem/trouble, food stuck in between and it looks horrible okay !

this afternoon i went and visited the dentist again.
she put few rubbers in between my teeth, i felt so uncomfortable now

the DR said this is the exact feeling when you put on braces or maybe worst than that

i cant chew properly and dont feel like eating.
its really a good opportunity to have a diet plan! hehehehehe

more pics coming up lang tengah, me pictures, pics taken on sunday and etc

too many then in this post

THEN bye ;p

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