Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Aussie part 4


hey guys happy chinese new year in advance (:

im going back to my hometown tonight, and im gonna be back on sunday.if im not mistaken
tats why im here to finish up my aussieland pictures before i leave.
finaaally, finish resizing em.

ngek ngek ngek
shit lo, gonna gain weight again ge la!
hometown = delicious seafood, non stop eating,
nothing else to do! deeeeng!

pictures post again, lol!
WHY? because i haven start packing up my stuffs yet.
eeeeee, i have to start packing now larh.

2nd brotha is back!
and i realized till now im still posting up aussie pictures!
outdated sial -.-
will blog more often.... ;/

yummy! how to not fat?

oh heeeey, the supermarket fever is up!
hahahahhahahhaha(you better laugh and spot my dad) ;D

Club Seven with MUM ;)

Christmas eve aka last day in melbourne

awwww, i miss melbourne already but i still prefer m'sia! hmm

alright, tats all for today.


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