Thursday, January 31, 2008

Time is precious

im decided to blog about the fucked up day of mine which is today
Firstly, ive got entrepreneurs mid term today at 830-10
it was okay, just that i really need to spill every single thing in my mind out on the paper.

Anyho, next class was my practical class on alcoholic beverages operations for an hour and then im done for today.
then as usual la, after class then go gym.
so yeah, while im walking to my car, i saw a honda city blocking my car
For your information i parked my car at the emergency door opposite pink aka kinda near sunway college backdoor. so in my mind is that someone must be in pink or orange la...

moi was talking to herself,
ala, need to honk someone already
tell you readers, im the girl who dont like to honk her horn..
i hate it when ppl do it to me, so tats why!
so yeah, be a polite/well mannered girl la. press the horn softly
im standing under the hot sun, as in outside the car just to see whether there's ppl coming anot.
so yeah.

horn horn horn horn HORNNNNNNNNNNN.

for like 15 minutes, still theres no one
So i bengang already, press the HORRN again and again and again
polite becomes evil! who can tahan la righht.
Deaf one issit!

SO theres a random indian bitch(sorry to be rude) walk out from pink and seee
i was looking at her and i thought that someone must be her la.
Mana tau, she said * are you the one whos keep on honked the horn.
and i knocked my head. and she with her fucked up look, looking at me and said can you pls stop honked your horn its annoying!

MAHAI, you think i purposely honked my horn one issit.
i also felt annoying la, but cant you think of my situation.
i waited for like 10- 20 minutes?

so yeah, i didt say anything and i looked back at her and give her a whatsoever look!
and when she turned her body and walked back into pink
i honked my horn again.
actually on that time i was thinking, who the hell are you bitch!
I was damn pissed already
i decided to off my engine and walked to the security guard and ask for mpsj no.
so yea i called mpsj, and they said they will come.
that time was 12 p.m
i wasted my 30 minutes to honked my horn...
oh well,

wait wait wait wait and WAITTTTTTT.

then it was 1:15 pm
(i waited in the car, walk and buy soyabean cincau summore)
i just still cant see a toll car/truck coming.
i was damn kao 7 pissed..
the guard pity me and he went to ss15 just to check..

he came back and told me that, they're having some operation, some meeting kinda thingy
and he said they will only come after the operation.
SO im like WTF, dont call me to be patient anymore la. 1130- 115 not enough?

so i cant do anything right, sit there and wait only right.
i was damn hungry but i got no mood to eat. and i dont want to have a chance to let that somebody to run away! i keep on telling myself that if i see that someone im gonna scold him like a mad person! Brainless ppl, hollyshit.

i still remembered i keep on WTf WTF WTf and WTF!
WHAT CAN I DO, you tell me.
so yeah, i waited till 3pm. fucking 3PM!
still no toll trucks, or that fucking someone who drive his/her car at parked behind somebody car and walk away for few hours.
BRAINLESSSSSSSSSSs! SO fucking inconsiderate la weeey.

I WAITED FOR LIKE 3 freaking hours and 30 minutes
can you imagine how mad am i -.-
Lastly, the head of security open the emergency door for me.
Im like why dont you tell me earlier, so that i no needa wait that long but nevermind i never thought of the emergency door to be open.

But when i left i was still having my mad,foolish,crazy,angry mood!
and you tell me. i waited for so long and that someone can just runaway like that?
So unfair la, its like WTF, yeah WTF feeling!

so i decided to make a u turn to the spot where i parked my car and wait! but while i was waiting, i asked myself why am i still here wasting my time lah! Time is so precious, why not i do something rather that waiting for the brainless someone.


ill fucking remember you,
WLD 1776

dont let me see you driving your car, i tell you!

just let say la, if im rushing to somewhere. how? bang the car?
use your fucking brain to think before you do something. nearby its still okay, but hey you go for your class/you go to work?!?

one word- SPEECHLESS

what a day -.-