Tuesday, January 8, 2008

I just cant stand it anymore

well dont ask whats wrong between me and my bf
its hard to explain and only he will know
so yeap, life goes on!

im sick of it already!

anyho, we can be real close to each other as in we're still frens ;)

as for you,
i dont know ill give you another chance anot but definitely not now

cause its freaking 2 years and 6 months together.

i love you but you bring me down again and again.
ure a real good bf,you're here whenever i need you but theres something( gods know what)
lost hope in you i should say
and im not saying that im a perfecto girlfren or whatsoever
just that you know...

before i go, its your future not mine why am i so worried?
i get myself stressed up for what?
just because i cared about you more than myself.
im scared.

now onwards ill leave everything to yourself.
you decide.
class at 8 till 430 tmr. whoarr.

till then

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