Friday, December 7, 2007

pissed off

my so called sexy look to start the post.
OKAY La, its so not sexy. eeeeee
cut the craaap

last night was awesome & packed! *gulp

As for today;
went to do my hair at suncity
well ive straighten my hair and add on protein and some thingy..
cause i got 50% for my bday. so yay, put whatever you want.
its 50% baby and my hair look better now ;)
*my bday!?! till now only i got the time to do -.-

wanna go for rebonding come to my saloon, it will last like dang long.
the last time i straighten my hair was last year, nov
its already more than one year yo!

you can see the result lo, my hair my hair. HAHAHA
spot the difference tru my pics later on,
*prolly next post, lazyy la.
ngek ngek ngek

and yay i just came back from mid valley
went for panasonic product training
im tired, and im not feeling well

Im just PISSED
gods know why, dont mess with me


im going for my chemical romance babey
with the cousies again!
my aunt pay for us this time. woot.

more pics will be up soon. stay TUNED!


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