Wednesday, December 26, 2007

IM back! *edited

im back since yesterday!
im so tiredd, will blog soon

going out to cousie xmas party, they wait us to come back first!
awwww, so sweeet!

Sneaky preview from Melbourne @ aussie

its just kind of bored at my cousin's place!
so i curi pictures from my eldest sis frenster account!

Dockland's Harbour @ christmas eve

camera freaks include my dad, hehhehe.

we're at the supermarket, getting stuffs for the bbq party ;)

the seven of us - family pic

tats all for now, will update soon if im not lazy

all my hardwork gone, blame the trip and food ive eaten! ;(
set my goal once again and hit the gym more often!
tats all i can do thou, ngrr!
deng deng deng...
ah oh ya, going back to pangkor on friday
gonna eat again, whoiiiiii

i cant choose not to go, haih!

p/s: MORE as in MORE pictures will be up soon

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