Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Frangipani - Bukit Bintang 1

since my class is at 1030 tmr.
ill just blog about frangipani part 1.
cause i realized after finish uploading the pics.
me now, dang sleeeepy!
tired as well, urgh as usual la!

alright, we took for like an hour plus to reached that place.
thanks to my bf, cause he dont know the way. ;/
and sorry to uncle teh and papa.
gods know what reason!
so so mafan hor..

and then the environment of the place was dang cool.
what else, food was not cheap.
this is what prabha told me. hah!
luckily everything is provided, its FOC on that night.

what else, UH HUH.
FRANGIPANI is a gay pub.
hahahahha, so many weirdo's.
like seriously... ;/
and its Disgusting la okay.
EW, the way they hug each other.
and the way they look at my BOY/GUY friends.
ahhhhh. why gay?

i g o t n o i d e a.

here's some pictures.

moi, papa, sareeta, prabha

the sweetie pie of mine. ;)

yun da: *dont laaaaa.
moi: meh! *chick chak.

us again.

me and the uncle teh with penang spirit!
yalaa, i know you can drink.
ahem! *roolleyess.

last but not least;

me and the babyxon
beh tahan ady. (cant stand it already)
nites everyone! huggies and kisses.
to be continue.....

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