Monday, September 17, 2007


hmph, i satisfied you annony ;D
make sure you drop comments, heheh.
if is dead again. urgh! im gonna take it off.

anyhow, today was good!
went over to mid valley againn.
bought quite alot of stuff as well.
and a dress. its gorgeous! i tell you.
jie get it for me as a birthday gift. ;D
cause mum refused to buy, it was Quite expensive.
but hey sis bought it for me.
my birthday pressie. whee.
seriously damn advance. heheh. ;)

but it was really pretty la.
its a long dress from miss selfridge.

wait till i birthday ill wear it. lol.
long wayyyy to go.
anyhow, thanks jie. i owe you alot, i know.

ah! i AM hitting the gym everyday. ;D
met new frens as well.

okay la, i sleepy ady.
tmr got class at 830. till 430.


i look weird.

before i go, thank you very much to jamie!
huggies and kisses. <3

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